Jordan and Nick 615 Wedding - Nashville Wedding | Our Story
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A little bit about us…

It wasn’t long after Nick and Jordan met that they knew there was something special between them. Jordan was 15 years old and Nick 16, both attending John Overton High School. As fate had it, they both had gym together her freshmen year, and the rest was history. Literally…. Over the next 18 years began what has been termed “The Jordan and Nick Saga”. Now keep in mind friends and family, it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but there was ALWAYS a whole lot of love. A love that continuously led us back to one another over and over (and over) again. Today, Jordan and Nick love to travel, scuba dive, and hang out at their new house with Piper and Winslow.


They both can’t wait to begin their new journey together, and to celebrate with all of you!